Consistently Keto


Reviewed on
March 19, 2021
Course image Don Stowers
Fantastic Keto Course, Fixed key issues for me
Keto Continuum came into my life months after going carnivore. Through the lessons here I fixed several problems, and learn more yet through the Neurons support group, don't miss this tremendous aid!
Reviewed on
March 16, 2021
Course image Edison Rush
Concise Teachable Manner to Stay Keto for Life! Sorry is it
I have been following Dr. Boz’s YouTube videos weekly since June of 2018. I purchased “Any Way You Can” Books for family, friends, and local libraries. I was the leader of our local support group “Keto Krushers” in Wilmington, DE until the pandemic hit. I went into ketosis in August 2018 and have never been out for a significant time.... read more
Reviewed on
March 13, 2021
Course image Deborah Stalvig
Finally, the key to long term success!
I have tried many versions of keto/carnivore/low carb/fasting, and Dr. Boz was the first one to explain WHY keto works, and the process which helped me get really fat adapted. My body has trouble keeping my energy up, and the Ketones in a can have been invaluable to me, as well as taking the time to ingest lots of fat... read more
Reviewed on
March 13, 2021
Course image Dave Mueller
Repair Damage To Your Body
I’m 57 and have been overweight and unhealthy most of my life. I was doing pretty strict keto for months, but it was maddening to try so hard and at the end of the month maybe lose a pound. Then I found Dr Boz on YouTube. I learned a lot from the videos – especially the ones that explained mitochondria.... read more
Reviewed on
March 12, 2021
Course image Jaime Wiley
This is a true "how-to"
There isn't anything else out there like what this course offers. If you've ever felt as though keto is a blind shot in the dark that's all about low carb, then this course is just what you need to get your questions answered, achieve ongoing success, link up with others just like you, and learn how to make this way... read more
Reviewed on
March 4, 2021
Course image Kris Hood
Stop the Cycle Madness
I have been over weight my entire life. Lost 70 # on Atkins in 1973. Got married in 1975 had baby in Jan 1980. Had gastric bypass 11/1982 at 315#. Dropped to 200 #. 3 yrs later gained to 298. Did Atkins dropped to 165. Maintained there2 yrs lost my job went to college gained up to 275 by the... read more
Reviewed on
February 27, 2021
Course image Gail Needham
Guided Change for the Better
I have enjoyed studying through this curriculum. Now I need to apply it all. I have tried the ketogenic diet before, but knew there were gaps in my knowledge and I needed some kind of guidance to do it correctly. So now I have the tools, and I can go back through to use them to better my health in... read more
Reviewed on
February 25, 2021
Course image Pauline Regan
Binge watched! :) 6mnths in
Great course very well taught! 6 months in my queries and concerns were identified and mostly answered in later modules. I took my first Dr Boz ratio on the last day/session of module binge and I think it says it all!
Dr Boz ratio : 23.75
I'm in !! THANK YOU !
Reviewed on
February 24, 2021
Course image Michelle Morris-Phy
Dr Boz is Literally a Life Saver!
Looking for the science to back the ketogenic lifestyle? Dr Boz lays it out for you step by step. If only I had this resource when I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011. Dr Perlmutter recommended the ketogenic diet in 2012 for me. I believed in him so I tried my best to do it but didn’t know how.... read more
Reviewed on
February 23, 2021
Course image Milagros Colon-Jimenez
Worth every penny!
I am a diabetic type 1 on an insulin pump! I tried for the longest time to stick to 20 carbs but was unaware of the fats and how to really start and track your progress! You made this so easy to understand! Due to lack of internet and power failures, I was not able to start and finish with... read more