Consistently Keto


Reviewed on
May 20, 2021
Course image Jennifer Polovitch
Now it makes sense!
I have been battling T2DM, IR, thyroid and other issues my whole adult life. I'm 54. II first listened to The Keto Continuum, and was so captured by the story of David and Dr. Boz's delivery that I immediately listened to Any Way You Can to learn more about Grandma Rose - there are no words that can express my... read more
Reviewed on
May 19, 2021
Course image Ruthie Slingerland
From Nervous Newbie to Keto Confident
If you're looking to succeed with keto, the Consistently Keto course is for you!

I slid into the ketogenic diet not really knowing what it was about or HOW to do it. Adrenal fatigue, irritable mood and seeing the scale grow in numbers initiated my desire to really learn to do Keto in a sustainable way, longterm.... read more
Reviewed on
April 30, 2021
Course image Jocelyn Tan
Born Teacher
Yes, that is exactly what Dr. Bosworth has. A born ability to teach. I am a medical doctor, and I am used to watching a lot of medical conferences and lectures. But Dr. Bosworth takes the prize for being the most engaging, passionate and articulate teacher ever. I wished she was one of my professors back in med school. She... read more
Reviewed on
April 18, 2021
Course image Rosemary Norton
On our journey
This course is amazing and has started myself to healing immune system and severe osteoporosis and my husband's diagnosis in 2016 of stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer
We are looking for a Dr to assist us. Our GP is willing to monitor but needs more info
Thank you for this amazing road map
We are 8 weeks... read more
Reviewed on
April 8, 2021
Course image Kristi Vice
The Best Keto Course
I must own everyone’s how-to keto book, and I even have participated in other online keto courses. Dr. Bosworth’s (Dr. Boz for short!) is the best. Her ability to teach, use real-life examples and share the science are her super powers. Her love, generosity and compassion for others comes right through her videos. I have purchased and read her two... read more
Reviewed on
April 5, 2021
Course image Nancy Dominguez
I just have not enough words to say Thank you for such a great course and teaching me to really take care of my health. I've been obese my entire life but when I turned 50 las October 2020 I decided to stop all suffering I accumulate my body and mind because of obesity. After looking for so long in... read more
Reviewed on
March 31, 2021
Course image Angie Easley
Fantastic program!
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 45, (63 now) I always felt I could control it with diet but year after year my struggle became almost impossible. I am very consistent with any diet I have been on, I do not cheat or quit but I have changed when it became evident the diet did... read more
Reviewed on
March 25, 2021
Course image Patti Siwa
Love this course!
Wow, seriously, how is it possible that Dr Boz can share so much info in an understandable and reliable way. I've been living the keto lifestyle for a solid 2 months and have stayed the course. I feel fabulous. I'm really surprised as I had already been eating a very clean, gluten free life style but my nemesis has been... read more
Reviewed on
March 25, 2021
Course image Becky Wilken
Excellent course!
Dr. Boz has created a course that's so user friendly and concise yet with enough science for us to really grasp how it all works without being overly complicated or in anyway confusing. She teaches step-by-step how to do keto and why it repairs us. I've battled severe chronic pain conditions for 30 years and I have found considerable relief... read more
Reviewed on
March 19, 2021
Course image Don Stowers
Fantastic Keto Course, Fixed key issues for me
Keto Continuum came into my life months after going carnivore. Through the lessons here I fixed several problems, and learn more yet through the Neurons support group, don't miss this tremendous aid!