Consistently Keto


Reviewed on
October 13, 2021
Course image Susan Barnes
Strength I never knew I had.
If a year ago you would have told me that I would eat 20 cabs a day, stay fasted for 16-20 hours a day and lead a support group, I would have laughed out loud at you. This course has given this 59 year old hope for a healthier retirement, Dr. Boz is so great at explaining the science, step... read more
Reviewed on
September 26, 2021
Course image Julie Tastad
Second timer

My name is Julie Tastad and I live in North Central ND in a rural area. The first time that I started the Keto diet I was interested in the weight loss. My daughter had told me about it and I needed to lose around 60 lbs to be at 145. I have used many ways... read more
Reviewed on
September 23, 2021
Course image Edison Rush
Completing This Course Once Not Enough!
I have gone through this course a second time because there is so much material in this course that I could not apply it because my life style and my metabolism was not ready. I am great at fasting 36, 48, and 72 hours. I have learned the right way to come off the fast without celebrating. Now I have... read more
Reviewed on
September 15, 2021
Course image Sanya Richardson
Excellent Online Course!
Dr. Annette Bosworth is a very gifted teacher.
Reviewed on
July 23, 2021
Course image Jeannie Johnson
I am so grateful for Dr Boz and all the info she shares. In March of 2020 I got very sick with colitis and had to go to the ER with severe pain. They said I needed to adjust my eating so as not to have another flare up. I came across Dr Boz's course just as the world shut... read more
Reviewed on
July 4, 2021
Course image John Cloonan
John Cloonan Review
Dear Dr Boz,
Thanks to your medical understanding professionalism, and (more importantly) your ketogenic discipline and practice in your life, and your Mom’s, I have found your course to be thorough and helpful and complete, in building a bridge of understanding, to my slow but steady grappling of understanding, this topic of the keto diet and lifestyle. Years ago,... read more
Reviewed on
June 21, 2021
Course image Janet DeGroat
Thank You!
I thank you for all your information that you put out in the ketoCONTINUUM, your face book, the Sunday evening presentations etc. Your the reason that I can stay on Keto. I need your information to keep on track. To resist the 67 years of carbohydrates that are aging and destroying my body and mind. THANK YOU! Its when I... read more
Reviewed on
June 18, 2021
Course image Cory Heimark
The Keto Yellow Brick Road
Such a solid, detailed, road map to ketogenic success.
This is the yellow brick road to a new you. Lots of facts, lessons learned, tips, and plent of explanations on the science behind the scenes of the changes within.
This is worth it, and worth sharing, watching over again.

The keys to unlock the door... read more
Reviewed on
June 17, 2021
Course image BEVERLY HALL
I have been a Nurse Practitioner for 16 years and was an RN for years before that. I thought I knew a little (or more!) about metabolism and what it takes to lose weight and get healthy. Boy, was I wrong!

I have yo-yoed for more than 50 years and my metabolism is serioiusly damaged. I am now... read more
Reviewed on
June 15, 2021
Course image Terri Masters
Eternally Grateful
I just finished this course. My son and I had tried eating less carbs and dirty intermittent fasting with some mild success. I am a failure from other programs...well now I know why...chemistry. My husband has been treated for cancer that is somewhat controlled. I listened to your first book about Grandma Rose and was deeply moved with her success.... read more