Consistently Keto


Reviewed on
January 26, 2022
Course image jo grcich
What a Great Course!
How I wish I had known about Dr. Boz before I had first embarked on my keto journey! I really needed the step by step, with all the science behind it. Dr. Boz explains things in such a way that non medical people can really understand. Being a nurse it helped me too. Having read the book, and listened to... read more
Reviewed on
January 21, 2022
Course image Andria Lust
Twice as good
I’m listening for the second time. I can’t get enough and every time I listen I learn something new. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old this online course has something for everyone to improve their health. We have to unlearn calories in/calories out and relearn how to lower our insulin and inflammation. Thank you Dr. Boz for sharing... read more
Reviewed on
January 19, 2022
Course image Sue Monroe
Continuously Keto course
I wish I had taken this course when I first started keto. The fail proof method along with Dr Boz's guidance would have made my journey so much easier. I retake the course whenever I stumble along the keto road and I learn something new each time. I have shared the course with my family. To help them live healthier.... read more
Reviewed on
January 17, 2022
Course image Carol harris
Carol Ann
I finished the course and can't believe how much I've learned. I'm VERY thankful I found Dr Boz. This is going to save my life. I thought I knew a lot before, but no I really didn't.
God Bless you Dr Boz. Thank you.
Carol Ann
Reviewed on
December 18, 2021
Course image Ron Hale
Just finished
Thanks it was what I was looking for. I am a 72 year old VA patient participating in a VA / Virta Health program to eliminate diabetes in 400 vets across the country. I have been in the program for two and a half years and have been medication free for the two and a half years . I have... read more
Reviewed on
November 30, 2021
Course image Barb Aiken
Celebrating a year of Consistently Keto!
11 months ago, I purchased the course as a Christmas gift to myself. Never regretted the investment in my own health. I have lost and kept off 60+ since 12-26-20. Thank you Dr Boz for your easy to follow and clear information. You are truly gifted in your teaching style and honest approach to better health. I still have a... read more
Reviewed on
November 3, 2021
Course image Jan Solomon
Thank You
December, 2017 I started my keto journey. I knew nothing much about it but I knew things were not right with my body. I would come home from work, open the refrigerator and start grazing. I would go between the refrigerator and the pantry and I would never feel full. It was perplexing and overwhelming. I struggled to make sense... read more
Reviewed on
October 20, 2021
Course image Janet Frazier
User-friendly style!!!Awesome
This is a awesome course on Ketos. Dr. Boz delivers easy to understand language to instruct, explain and guide in a user-friendly style. She covered everything need and more on how to get to my goal of Keto for life.
It is really easy, and nice to navigate.
Very convenient, even if someone is not very computer literate... read more
Reviewed on
October 14, 2021
Course image Dorothy Chittenden
Great process for a new life.
In 2008 I did the "alternate day dieting". Very hard for me to do but I did lose 50+ lbs. Then I was stuck. If I relaxed my weight would balloon up and I was hungry. Then Dr. Fung had fasting and talked about longer fast for body set point. Still I was hungry most of time during long fasts.... read more
Reviewed on
October 13, 2021
Course image Susan Barnes
Strength I never knew I had.
If a year ago you would have told me that I would eat 20 cabs a day, stay fasted for 16-20 hours a day and lead a support group, I would have laughed out loud at you. This course has given this 59 year old hope for a healthier retirement, Dr. Boz is so great at explaining the science, step... read more