BRAINS: From Trauma To Repair


Reviewed on
July 7, 2022
Course image Darci Harper
Brain From Trauma to Repair
I have been in healthcare as a nurse and family nurse practitioner for 32 years, and yet this was NEW information to me! It was well worth the money. I will watch it again and again and find ways to apply the information to help people. I will keep sharing the information with friends/family. I keep imagining how I am... read more
Reviewed on
June 11, 2022
Course image Deborah Sager
This review is for the BRAINS: Trauma to Repair Course that I attended in Pella, Iowa and purchased after the fact. This course, researched, created and presented by Dr. Annette Bosworth, lovingly known as Dr. Boz, is brilliant! This course was so well researched, organized, easy to understand and fun that my attention never wavered throughout the two days. Dr.... read more
Reviewed on
May 29, 2022
Course image Rollin Davis
Rollin Davis 5/29/22 Progress Report
I first discovered Dr Boz on YouTube in October 2019 through my interest in the keto diet. Her style of presentation on YouTube brought more clarity to the science behind its benefits. The Dr. Boz channel was where I learned the method used to track the ratio between ketones and glucose in my blood. When she came to Tampa mid-2020,... read more
Reviewed on
May 25, 2022
Course image Vonnie Ackerman
Message of HOPE!
Dr. BOZ:

This is the 3rd time that I have taught this curriculum inside an adolescent treatment facility. Due to discharges that are sporadic in the facility, most clients do not get the entire curriculum, but I have found a way to provide a review of certain modules so that the majority of the curriculum is covered.... read more
Reviewed on
March 31, 2022
Course image Mary Mammet
I am so Thrilled to have access to such a Wealth of information from DR Bosworth !!
I actually just finished the workshop in time for the recent Q&A. And I plan on returning to the program several times to take notes to improve the quality of my life!! I have already offered my husband access to the workshop... read more
Reviewed on
March 27, 2022
Course image JulieAnn Stone Ryan
The incredible Dr. Boz BRAINS COURSE
Thank you Dr. Annette Bosworth for making this course.
BRAINS: From Trauma To Repair!
To anyone considering this course I say Wow! I have learned so much. I realize that there is much information that I have never heard before packed inside this course. Dr. Boz is truly an expert on what helps or hurts the brain, and... read more
Reviewed on
February 1, 2022
Course image Brandon Wehn
I feel more self-empowered to fix the damage I've done to my brain than ever before.
I knew all along that some of my life choices and habits were negatively impacting my life. I didn't realize how much impact they were making.

With this newfound knowledge, I feel more capable of facing the hard times that come with removing those habits and dealing with the hardships that come as I face a life... read more
Reviewed on
January 20, 2022
Course image jo grcich
Brains from Trauma to Repair
WOW! Its hard to put in a few paragraphs what this course has meant to both my husband and myself. We had noticed increasing brain difficulties and I kept feeling nudged to enroll in the course. I am so glad we did. it answered so many questions, some that we didn't even know we had. The information is invaluable, not... read more
Reviewed on
January 18, 2022
Course image Vickie Kelsay
It’s Never Too Late
All my adult life I prided myself that I didn’t require 8 hours of sleep or so I thought.
I started the Ketogenic diet in the summer of 2018, and that’s when I started following Dr. Boz. She would always say to remember when you are not motivated to continue eating keto, what is your why? I would always... read more
Reviewed on
January 11, 2022
Course image John Ford
Fantastic Course!!
Hey Doctor Bozworth,
This course has been incredible. Thank you so much for providing all of this instruction. My short term plan is to optimize my own brain & body health and then attempt to help my immediate family members that struggle with obesity, OCD, Bi-polar, ADHD and all types of addiction. My long term goal is to bring... read more