BRAINS: From Trauma To Repair


Reviewed on
December 1, 2023
Course image Martha Raaymakers
Intriguing Course

I like this course. In some ways it was hard to take. I’ve not done drugs or alcohol excessively. I might drink once a year on my birthday or I might not. But all my friends drink. Many smoke. Some of my grands get high constantly and I see the ravages of marijuana use in my family. I’m not sure... read more

Reviewed on
January 3, 2023
Course image Melissa Steptoe
Revolutionary and worth every penny!
I prayed and contemplated about 2 months before officially committing to taking the Brain's course. I was unsure if this course could help our family as 4 out of 5 have ADHD. I needed help to know is there ANYTHING I can do or implement to help them repair/heal/function as normally as possible. Dr. Boz's Brain's Course delivered!!! I have... read more
Reviewed on
January 1, 2023
Course image JulieAnn Stone Ryan
January 1, 2023 - Thanks to Dr. Annette Bosworth MD for tools for Brains & Health
Happy New Year 2023 - Always a time to start fresh with Dr. Boz!
Reviewed on
January 1, 2023
Course image JulieAnn Stone Ryan
Dr. Annette Bosworth MD - I’m grateful for your course - BRAINS From Trauma to Repair
I took the brains course last year, and I reviewed it again this year, and I will review it again and again. It has been transformational in changing the direction of my health, and my thinking, as far as what will help the brain to heal. I’ve been telling other people about it, and I cannot say enough good about... read more
Reviewed on
December 29, 2022
Course image Val Rowles
Review of Brain Repair course
Dr Boz, this course has taught Val and me so much, thank you! We first came across your work in your audio book Any Way You Can in using a Keto diet with your mum's cancer fight so successfully. Your passion to help others shines through and we will be using this new knowledge to improve our own mid 60's... read more
Reviewed on
December 28, 2022
Brains Course
This course was wonderful! The videos were available to view at my own pace and we had one day a week live with Dr. Boz.
I was happy to have my questions answered but I learned even more from listening to the questions of others that I had not thought to ask.
I highly recommend this course to anyone interested... read more
Reviewed on
December 27, 2022
Course image Naomi Baer
Recommended! Owners manual for your Brain!
I wish I had learned more about the brain to this depth when I was younger, especially when my children where little. I am just overwhelmed with the lack of fact based nutritional, brain and sleep knowledge we are provided in the general public. This is something that should be taught in schools worldwide! I encourage you to stay curious... read more
Reviewed on
December 9, 2022
Course image Elsie Berryman
An Excellent Experience
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Brains Course. It has been totally enlightening and I hope to be able to pass on this information to my friends and family as well as teaching it to small groups of teenagers. It has been so life changing for myself and I know others will find it life changing also.
Thank you so much... read more
Reviewed on
November 7, 2022
Course image David Kalb
Eye Opening
One of the most interesting courses that I have taken. I learned so much for myself as well as for my family, friends, and co-workers. I have personally adapted many of the strategies taught and when ever the opportunity is given to me share with others, especially my family. Thanks yo so much for putting this together and putting this... read more
Reviewed on
November 7, 2022
Course image Deborah Sager
Hope for healing!
I reviewed my Pella, IA experience, with Dr. Boz in teaching in person, in an earlier review. Now, I have gone through the online version with five others and still say this Course is exceptional! I know my brain is in the process of being at its best, according to Dr. Boz's research. I am 25 years sober in September... read more