21-Day Metabolic Kick


Reviewed on
February 25, 2024
Course image Heather Brumagin
2024 is off to a great start!

2024 is off to a great start! I thank God! for Dr Boz and her presence on You Tube and social media. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon her teachings literally days/hours before the start of January's 21-DMK. I hesitated at first, not knowing much about the keto diet/lifestyle but am so SO glad I acted and just... read more

Reviewed on
January 29, 2024
Course image Lori Carlson
I love what Dr Boz is doing.

I am so ready to take my metabolism to to the next level.

Reviewed on
December 4, 2023
Course image Debi Huskins
Thank you! GREAT 21 day reset

Thank you Dr Boz. I feel like you have given me the keys to the kingdom! Your Whys are so powerful and you treated us with so much grace and compassion. From beginning to end you make the information in your books come alive.

Reviewed on
October 28, 2023
Course image Olivia Torres-Dwyer
21 Day Metabolic Kick September 2023

I had read both of Dr Boz’ books, taken the online Consistently Keto and Brains course and decided to take this 21Day Metabolic Kick course because I was still struggling with eating too many carbs which would in turn take me out of nutritional ketosis. I was in and out, in and out…just what you’re NOT suppose to do. My... read more

Reviewed on
October 16, 2023
Course image Jill Martin
You are worth it

Dr Boz's 21 Day Metabolic Kick was the best gift I could ever get give myself. I had heard about Keto but never practiced this lifestyle. I started the program having read Dr. Boz's book, "Anyway You Can". During the course I lost 5 lbs - that is while traveling for 2 of the 3 week course. Eating out at... read more

Reviewed on
October 16, 2023
Course image Heatherly Ballard
Greatest Appreciation

Not great with words so hard to describe how invaluable this class has been for me - It helped me to focus on and gave me a framework to deal with healing my body of 4 very very serious chronic health conditions. This gives me hope that if I can 'stay the course' and follow what I have learned here,... read more

Reviewed on
October 15, 2023
Course image Lili Sandler
Just what I needed

This metabolic kick course was everything and more that I was hoping for. I've been doing keto/carnivore for several years and falling off the wagon repeatedly because I had no idea how to advance after a certain point. I would make progress, stall, stop, regress, and start all over. I didn't know there was a solution and I blamed myself,... read more

Reviewed on
October 11, 2023
Course image Joan Soo
Thank you for sharing your personal growth with us.

Dear DoctorBoz, I discovered you at the beginning of January 2019. "Any Way You Can" became so important to me. I sent copies to everyone whom I thought would be interested. I wrote an index for the book. Your growing pains as a broadcaster and video producer were endearing to me, and your growing audience. I first discovered a keto... read more

Reviewed on
October 11, 2023
Course image Betty Lou Ferris
21 Day Metabolic Kickstart

I would recommend the 21 day Kickstart for friends that have been trying but didn't have a coach to guide them.    I'm a lot more confident about my blood levels. And have confidence overtime I will have the means to keep my morning Dr. Boz Ratio   a100 or less.  And practice monthly fasts to kick start and stress the... read more

Reviewed on
October 8, 2023
Course image valerie natrella
21 Day Metabolic Kick review

Watching videos and reading books was not enough for me to truly understand the process of ketosis, fasting and data collecting fingerstick blood sugar and ketones. The class brought it all together in real time with others. I would not have attempted a sardine fast or a 72 hour water fast alone. My coaches were Donna and Bethany. I dealt... read more